Saturday, February 27, 2010

Juicer Reviews

My daughter and I have fallen in love with freshly made lemonade. I make a big pitcher at the beginning of the week, and it's gone by Wednesday.

The only downside: it's a lot of work. I have a small, very effective, egg-shaped reamer (don't laugh) consisting of a lid, a strainer and a cup to catch the juice. It works well, but it's time consuming and tiring when you have to juice seven or eight lemons. And to extract all the juice, you have to ream the lemon half (stop sniggering), cut it in half and ream those pieces a second time. Time consuming and tiring. It takes a half hour or more to make lemonade.

So I'm thinking about buying a juicer. I did a little research on the Internet and soon realized there are many types of juicers: citrus, centrifugal, wheatgrass (blech!). I decided to see what was on Youtube and found this hilarious video review of the Jack Lalanne Juicer pictured above. Warning: salty language.

I then found this rather frighting video. The speaker gives a harrowing account of his health problems complete with pictures (I always wondered what a kidney stone looked like) to explain why he created a website to review juicers.

But don't let it put you off. His website is excellent with reviews of dozens of juicers of all types and models. Very useful.

No decisions yet, but I at least have an idea what's out there and what I need.

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