Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feed Me Bubbe!

I love this woman. A nice Jewish boy from outside Boston loves his grandmother's cooking and decides she ought to be on the Internet. He creates a website and makes videos showing his "Bubbe," Yiddish for grandma, making Jewish classics like chicken soup and matzo balls. And of course every episode includes a Yiddish Word of the Day.

I'm reminded of that great scene in the movie "New York Stories" where Woody Allen all but makes love to a piece of chicken.

This is great, great stuff. Solid, classic home cooking, exactly the type of sustenance that too many of us have lost touch with.

A big hat tip to my friend Alice for sending me a link.

Check it out and Ess gezunterhait!


  1. I saw her story on a Frontline special last night.

  2. Missed it! I'll have to catch it on line.