Sunday, February 28, 2010

Better Butter II

An update on my Better Butter? post.

I bought butter at Liuzzi's again yesterday and bothered to pay attention to the price: just $3.29 a pound! That's only 30 cents more a pound than the cheapest generic Stop & Shop butter. It's much less than the generic organic and a fancy non-organic Maine butter from happy small farm cows (or so the label with the smiling baby claimed).

Liuzzi's manager happened by and I asked about their milk. Not organic, but no hormones, he said. They primarily make cheeses, mouzarella, ricotta, etc., and use byproducts for butter, he said.

A no brainer and half. Liuzzi's butter from now on.


  1. Luna is addicted to butter, and the photo, above, looks like she's been licking it already! Nice ot know about Liuzzi's though.

  2. Eloise does the same thing. Fat cats indeed.