Thursday, February 25, 2010

Better Butter?

I've been considering whether to buy better butter. You can buy pound of Stop & Shop for about $3. The organic gets you up to about $5. A stall at the New Haven farmer's market last week had fresh in a one-pound tub for about $7.

I decided to compromise and buy butter at Liuzzi's, my favorite Italian deli. They make butter as well as superb cheeses. It comes in random blocks instead of perfect columns like more processed butter. And the cost is about the same as organic.

I am not a huge butter eater, although my wife and daughter are. That said, I used some for garlic bread this week, and it really did taste better. Much butterier.

But here's the irony. My daughter, who has only eaten the Stop & Shop stuff, didn't much like it on her morning mashed potato (her usual breakfast). It was "too milky," she said. I had to get her a stick of the Stop & Shop.

A sad commentary on how processed food affects the taste buds.


  1. Watch out: Maybe your next birthday gift will be a butter churn.

  2. I appreciate the offer, but not sure if I want it. My mother churned butter as a child. Hard work.