Wednesday, April 14, 2010

McItalys, McArabias and Shrimp Burgers

I ran across this January Mark Bittman post on the McItaly, McDonald's lame attempt to tailor a sandwich to the Italian palate. What makes it Italian? Why the artichoke spread and Asigao cheese.

The post led me to another page featuring dozens of other McDonald's country-specific products. There's the Asian ebi (shrimp) burger:

Malaysia's "Double Prosperity Burger":

and the Saudi Arabia's McArabia:

I have confess, this one doesn' t look so bad, although that meat looks awful slimy. One hundred lashes if you don't love it.

I confess a grudging admiration for McDonald's imagination and energy in subverting and dumbing down local food traditions. I'm Lov'n it!

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