Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get Cracking

How many times has this happened to you? You have an egg. You crack it on the lip of the bowl, piercing the yoke and/or shell bits tumble into the bowl with the egg. What's more annoying than fishing tiny shards out of slippery egg white or having to throw out an egg you planned to separate because of a punctured yoke?

Anthony Bourdain has the solution. His "No Reservations" show this week was all about technique. He and his famous and not-so-famous guests demonstrated basic techniques for everything from roasted chicken to spaghetti to . . . cracking an egg.

How to avoid the egg-tastrophe that I described above? Easy, says Jacques Pepin. Crack the egg on a flat surface, the counter for example, not the bowl lip. You don't break the yoke. And because your egg is away from the bowl, shell fragments won't fall in.

I tried this last night while making bread pudding. It worked brilliantly. The shells came apart easily and there was no struggle to keep pieces out of the mixture.

Yes, there is a better way to crack an egg. Who knew?

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