Monday, March 29, 2010

SoNo So Good

Every week at the Wooster Square farmer's market in New Haven, SoNo Baking Company and Cafe sells the most amazing pastries and breads. The Norwalk bakery makes the only French bread in the area that actually tastes like the stuff in France. And I LOVE the chocolate bundles -- croissants with chuncks of bitter sweet chocolate in the middle. My daughter always demands an apple pizza -- puffed pastry with glazed apple slices on top.

Amazing stuff. And now you can try to make it yourself. The Hartford Courant ran a great piece last week about SoNo founder and owner John Barricelli's just published book, "The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook."

I immediately recognized John from the photographs. He's in Wooster Square every Sunday, a friendly bundle of energy trying to keep up with the steady stream of customers.

He had mentioned Martha Stewart to me once during one of our brief conversations, but I didn't know he'd actually worked with her. I also had no idea he labored under the slave master herself, the legendary Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsly. I'm guessing that working for Leona was Ranger School for cooks. If you made it through, you could survive anything.

I have not looked at John's book, but I will have to now. No matter what, if you are in Norwalk or in Wooster Square on a Saturday morning, check out SoNo. Truly some of the best bread and pastry I've ever eaten.

And John, PLEASE, open a bakery in New Haven.

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