Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicken Soup

Both my wife and my daughter were under the weather this week. My wife decided they needed the old standby, chicken soup.

She un-thawed all my chicken stock, about four cups. We didn't have any noodles, so she had me make rice and added some to the broth. Next, she put in carrots, celery and poached chicken. Warm it up and viola, chicken soup. Much tastier than the canned variety and without extra salt and space age food additives (Xanthan gum? What the hell is that?).

Later in the week, my wife made a second batch with canned broth (we were out of homemade). Not ideal, but still better than the industrial.


  1. Doesn't "unthawed" mean she froze it? Sorry to be picky!

  2. Good point. It's like George Bush being misunderestimated.