Thursday, March 11, 2010

Models, Wine, the Coliseum and a Big Fish

People in New Haven take their food, especially their Italian food, very seriously. Maybe that explains this ad for Leon's, one of New Haven's oldest and most storied Italian restaurants.

This gets my vote for most pretentious restaurant commercial ever. I love how the music builds to a crescendo as the chef starts carving a side of tuna. About as over the top as it gets.

I've been to Leon's. Very good, but I prefer Consiglio's, another venerable New Haven Italian eatery.

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  1. The music really makes this work. I love the dramatic flaming food shots! I haven't been to Leon's in a long time, and have yet to try Consiglio's.

    A great little Italian restaurant, much more low-key, is Michael's Trattoria in Wallingford: