Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trash Talking

Kevin and Van from the most recent Hell's Kitchen have teamed up right here in Connecticut. Kevin hired the over-the-top Texan to work with him at the Farmington Country Club where Kevin is head chef. Van is, needless to say, suffering from culture shock after having relocated the land of rolling hills, steady habits and pizza.

Most interesting in this Hartford Courant interview is the trash Kevin talks about Ramsey. The terror of reality TV doesn't care a whit for contestants after the show is done, he says. No job offers, no nothing. Contestants are just entertainment to Ramsey, Kevin said.

Not really a surprise. I suspect the same is true for most reality TV contestants. Unfortunately, a dose of fame is for some like a shot of heroin. Witness Jon Gosselin and Balloon Boy's father.

As the Nicole Kidman character observed in the much underrated movie To Die For, no one really exists unless they are on TV.


  1. I loved that movie, "To Die For." Now I wanna watch it again. I'm off to Netflix.