Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Bye Gourmet

I'm devastated. I love this magazine. A few weeks ago, I made a panko chicken recipe from the magazine that was out of this world.

What amazes and puzzles me is that Gourmet had nearly 1 million subscribers. How can a magazine that 1 million people are willing to pay for go out of business?

It's all advertising, the stories say. The publication was heavily dependent on upscale advertisers who have been shellacked by the recession. I suppose there's some justice in makers of ridiculously overpriced, 12-ring gas ranges for McMansions hurting, but I never considered their pain would take down one of my favorite publications.

I've received Gourmet for years ever since my sister-in-law gave me a subscription for my birthday. Ever since, it's been my birthday or Christmas present. I've loved the recipes, many of which are favorites of my family. The emphasis on the quirky and out of the way coupled with the eschewing for the most part of overly complicated food and hard-to-get ingredients was, for me at least, a perfect balance.

I will miss Gourmet immensely.

Oh well, nothing is eternal except Roosevelt, as they said in The Palm Beach Story.

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