Monday, January 25, 2010

Decorating Adventures

My daughter decided last weekend that she wanted to bake a cake and decorate it. Actually, decorating was what she was really interested in. And she doesn't much like cake.

We compromised and made a half batch of cupcakes. We bought a pastry bag and some tips (cost about $6). Ambitious as always, my daughter really wanted to make a rose.

She didn't succeed, but I thought her results (see above) were pretty impressive for a first try. It was her idea to use food coloring in the pantry for the different colors.

We used a simple cake recipe with egg whites and a whipped cream frosting, cutting both in half. The cupcakes were delicious, very light, almost ethereal. Yet another example of even the simplest food made at home being better than what you buy at the supermarket.


  1. You can't make good decoration with a whipped cream frosting. But, good try.

  2. I'm break the bad news to her. She'll be devastated. Thanks for the tip.