Saturday, December 5, 2009

$1,000 For This?

My wife and I just watched an outrageous show on the Travel Channel on the world's most extravgant meals. One was a $1,000 pizza. That's right -- one thousand smackeroos for bread and cheese cooked in an oven.

What makes this pizza, made at Nino's Bellissima in Manhattan, supposedly worth $1,000? It's got caviar and lobster on it. But it's still tiny, about the size of a dinner plate. Even with the most expensive caviar in the world, $1,000 is absurd. And lobster? You can buy a two pounder for $20 wholesale. The dough literally cost about a nickel. The cheese? A buck or two.

And I'm not even talking about the sin of putting caviar and lobster on dough and shoving them into an 800 degree oven. Sacreligous. A sin against both those beautiful ingredients, as well as pizza.

It's a pizza for crying out loud. Anyone who buys this rip off round of dough is both a sucker and really, really needs to pay more taxes.

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