Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Home Run

My daughter acquired a taste for camembert cheese while we were in Paris this summer. Slices of camembert on French bread and she was in heaven.

She called this morning when I was shopping and asked for Camembert. No French bread, I warned. That's fine, she assured me. I'll eat it with crackers. You'll eat it all? I asked. It's not cheap. Yes, she promised.

Luckily, I was at Liuzzi's, the best Italian deli in the New Haven area and home to an incredible and delectable selection of cheeses. I love buying fancy cheeses at Liuzzi because it's not a fancy place. The guys who work there are regular Joes who happen to love cheese. A hat tip to New Haven's Italian heritage.

I asked the cheese guy for an inexpensive Camembert and he sent me to Hudson Valley Camembert from Old Chatham, N.Y. Reasonably price, local and superb, he assured me.

He wasn't kidding. I got it home and Julia immediately attacked. It's one of the best Camembert's I've ever had. It's creamy, but light bordering on fluffy. You get that wonderful cloud-like creaminess in the first bite followed subtle taste that blossoms as you chew. Wonderful. If you see this cheese buy it immediately.

My daughter Hoovered half of it for a breakfast.

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