Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Go Adam Go!

The good people at the Travel Channel emailed after my post on Man vs. Food to offer me preview videos on upcoming episodes. This week, Adam will try to take down a 12-egg -- that's right, a full carton -- omelet.

This guy's reminds me of Earl, the "Building with Feet" who ate the entire left side of the menu in "Diner." Check it out at about the 1:30 mark.

I've watched a few more episodes rerun late at night, and this guy is a maniac. The childlike joy he takes in each artery-clogging discovery is both horrifying and contagious. Maybe I'm just jealous because the doctor tells me I can't eat a hamburger with cheese and bacon between two grill cheese sandwiches. This is true food porn.

Click here for the trailer for tonight's episode.

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