Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baconnaise and Doing the Hard Things

Jon Stewart last night introduced America to a truly horrific food product: Baconnaise. Yes, you read that right. A spreadable product that combines bacon and mayonnaise. No, this is not a joke. Check out the website.

These guys talk with with pride about eating until they can't get off the sofa. In their nutritional information, they claim Baconnaise isn't "a heart attack in a bottle" because it has a smidgen less fat per serving than mayonnaise, one of the most fat-filled calorific substances known to man. One photo in their flicker set shows a guy in a bacon suit drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. He looks like Artie Lange in bacon. For those of who who don't know him, here he is:

But at least Artie's a joke. This is no joke.

Man, this is twisted. If Al Queda tried to introduce this into America, we'd consider it an act of war. And get this: it's kosher. How can that can possibly be? Saying this is kosher is like saying a bacon cheese burger is kosher.

Stewart used this act of culinary terrorism to make an excellent point. President Obama said in his speech the other night that Americans eschew the easy way out. As Stewart rightly pointed out, really? Does a nation that consumes Baconnaise eschew the easy way out?

Not kosher if you ask me.