Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome To The Table

Welcome to 5 Snacks after 10! I'm sure you're asking, where does the title come from? Good question. The answer: My wife constantly gives me a hard time about my propensity to snack in the evening: a bowl of Swiss muesli (a passion for which I acquired as a student in West Germany, as it was called in those days), its kashi and nuts brought to the peak of flavor with just enough milk, followed by crunchy stoned wheat crackers, a glass of iced orange juice and seltzer, a bowl of unsalted sunflower seeds and a bunch of succulent, sweet grapes to balance it all out. Well, it's usually not that much, but I admit to being an inveterate evening grazer.

So when I talked about writing food blog, my wife gave that skeptical look she's so good at and said. "You should call it "Five Snacks After 10" since all you do in the evenings is eat." As is so often the case, my wife was right. A blog was born.

I also have to credit my friend Eleanor whose reply when I discussed the concept for this blog was an immediate "I'd read that!" Eleanor and I have been talking about food since our days at the long defunct Mystic Compass newspaper.

So what's this blog all about? Everything and anytthing having to do with eating and drinking. I am a passionate, almost entirely self-trained home cook who faces the daily challenge of creating a nutritious, delicious meal for my wife and daughter every night in 40 to 45 minutes. Sound familiar? I'm guessing yes. This blog will include tips, recipes, successes and disasters as we all race to get a meal on the table.

I will also talk about buying food at the supermarket and the farmer's' market, food on TV, in the movies and in books, restaurants and specialty stores that I patronize, my past experiences with eating and cooking overseas and in America and anything else culinary-related that crosses my transom. Needless to say that I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about food. I hope that what follows is interesting, engaging and as varied as my evening snacking habits.

Welcome to 5 Snacks After 10 and Bon Appetite!

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  1. I'm so glad you're doing this -- can't wait to read about your latest food adventures. But really, we need to talk about that late-night snacking habit!