Friday, February 4, 2011

"It's Our Secret"

Mmmm! Doesn't that look good!

Lewis Black was in a rare form a few nights ago on the Taco Bell meat lawsuit. As he says, when an old Italian lady tells you what's in her homemade marinara is a secret, that's okay. But when a billion dollar food conglomerate says the contents of of its "beef" are classified, that's a problem.

Watch the whole thing. Hilarious.

That said, I'm somewhat skeptical of this lawsuit because it was brought by class action lawyers. Those are the guys who send you occasional post cards telling you riches await if you just sign on as a plaintiff to their lawsuit. When ka-ching time comes, they get tens of millions, and you get a check for 50 cents.

Still, what these lawyers allege -- just 36 percent of the "meat" in a Taco Bell taco is meat -- is disturbing. Disturbing, but not surprising. I mean, let's get real guys. It's Taco Hell. What do you expect?


  1. You know, in spite of being a native Texan and living a good part of my life in California, both states where there is abundantly good REAL Mexican food--I LOVE Taco Bell. Isn't that terrible? Guilty pleasure.

  2. We all have our guilty pleasures. When I lived in Reno, I remember fast food Mexican places that were, I thought, better than Taco Bell. Noagles? Something like that?