Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shut it Down?

This season's Hell's Kitchen has become more and more of a slog. What with the skinny redneck and the fat redneck and the hairy guy all preening like they're the greatest chiefs since Jacques Pepin even as they screw up royally show after show. The women are no better. Backbiting and bitchy to the extreme, not to mention incompetent.

I thought Giovanni was going to win until the blind taste test where he showed a palette so bad that you could feed him blue cheese and he'd think it was chocolate cake. Ramsey places a huge premium on palette. Giovanni can't win.

It grows more painful and annoying to watch each week.

At this point in the program, the dead weight is usually gone and the survivors are skilled enough to pull together and complete dinner service. Not this year. By my count, they've only finished two or three services all season. As Ramsey would say, pathetic.

I bring this up because the preview for this week's episode, which airs Thursday night, hinted that Ramsey would conclude none of these culinary catastrophes is fit to be head chief of Borgata in Atlantic City, and he's going to pull the plug on the entire competition.

I hope he does. In previous seasons, there have always been people to root for as well as villains to hiss. This year, I hate them all. They're all egotistical, unskilled and downright mean.

Shut it down Ramsey. Put them out of their misery.

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