Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Darling Clementine

Clementine oranges are one of the pleasures of winter. Imported from Spain, they provide a bracing citrus jolt in darkest January. Biting into one conjures up warm weather and powdery Mediterranean beaches.

As good as clementines are, they do not compare with the oranges I ate visiting Spain as a student in the early 1980s. They had none of the fibrous chewiness and poor flavor that afflicts so many American oranges. These oranges were big bright globes of unbelievable flavor and juiciness. It was honestly like eating candy.

Clementine season is almost over. Yesterday, I bought probably the last box of the season. After I put them in a bowl, our cat Eloise immediately claimed the box (see above). Guess she's saying she'll miss them too.

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